We offer a broad range of services according to your
needs and options to improve your user experience,
such as Backups, Laptops and Maintenance
(Hardware and Software), Internet services, Air
Conditioning System Operations and other sevices
that your company may need. Our goal is that you
find in our Company the solution for all you cannot
do without in just one spot. Contact us in case you
need additional services.


Our Helpdesk service is there to help you remotely
with all your user incidents and service requests. We
offer services like review of servers and user
backups, camera recordings and operation, server
antivirus update and events, hard disk space
checkup, physical server alerts, bandwidth and
connectivity monitoring, access control, case
management (closing and updating), web page
activity and others.


All your infrastructure needs can be covered by our
specialists: Server Performance Evaluation, SQL revisions
(logs, disk space, activity checks, event and performance
estimation, etc.), Exchange monitoring (anti-spam,
performance, certificates, etc.), domain controller review
(SysVOL replication, DNS Review, DNS Zone configuration,
etc.), virtualization and high availability environments with
Hyper-V and VMware solutions, physical server alert review,
disk RAID monitoring, antivirus and many other tasks and
implementation as needed


We can provide services like equipment disposal,
Hands and Eyes service, project management,
cyber security and others. We can adjust to your
technological requirements and needs. You can
contact us and get to know more of our services. We
are at your service.